Coaching Packages

I take on a small number of 1:1 coaching clients throughout the year.

You can find details of these coaching packages below.

If you would like to find out more then please get in touch either by booking a clarity call or via the contact form.

1:1 Realign Package

Realign is the first step along your path to cancer wellness. If you are looking to make changes QUICKLY aligning your mind and body towards wellness then you have landed on the right page.

Realign is my signature coaching programme focusing specifically on emotional and spiritual healing - an essential part of a wider integrative approach to cancer wellness.

Realign focuses on a root cause healing, recognising the underlying factors contributing to health issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. Remember cancer is the symptom, so are you treating the root cause or are you simply treating the symptom? The difference is important! Conventional treatment focuses on the physical disease rather than its underlying causes. An integrative approach treats the mind, body and spirit to address the root cause.

Whether you are taking a combined conventional and integrative oncology approach, or perhaps just an integrative oncology approach addressing the root cause is key. I believe there are 7 essential  principles for cancer wellness one of which is emotional and spiritual healing. They are all essential components of mind-body wellness. 

Realign focuses on my 6 signature themes empowering you to tap into your own personal energy system for healing, activating your mind-body connection and your own energetic blueprint for health. So often we look outside ourselves for solutions even though we know healing starts from within, don’t we?

Through a fusion of clinical and holistic healthcare we will work together realigning your mind -body connection and energy. Emotional healing focuses on energetics, after all everything is energy including the words you speak, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions (energy in motion) and your body. Your body hears everything your mind says. The two are connected in ways you may never have imagined. Healing begins with YOU, your own personal energy system, your unconscious mind, your nervous system regulation, your energy bodies, your heart space, your vibrational frequency and your energy flow. 

Realign is a 3 month 1:1 programme and includes:

  • An initial 60 minute numerology session
  • 12 x 60 minute mind-body medicine sessions

  • Sessions are virtual or in person at my Wilmslow clinic. 

  • Support via messenger in between sessions (via Voxer, Telgram or Whatsapp)

  • 12 months membership within The Cancer Wellness Path Membership

*Realign is different for everyone and is tailored to YOU. Holistic approaches may include intuitive coaching, neuro-linguistic programming techniques, hypnosis, numerology, energy healing, chakra balancing, crystal healing, breathwork, and nervous system regulation. 

Investment in yourself is £3333 (Monthly payment plan available £1111 over 3 months or pay in full for £3000 saving £333)

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1:1 Rebalance Package

Imagine your chakras as a book that holds a story within you. Each chakra tells a story of what we have been through in our lives, like a journey through our timeline. Each chakra holds different emotions and each represents a different part of the body, each vibrating at its own unique frequency with its own spiritual meaning.

So, why is it so important to look within our chakras for healing? Because the chakras may be holding onto emotions that no longer serve you, deep rooted emotions within, stagnating or blocking your energy flow.

You may or may not be aware of these emotions. How many times have you unconsciously or consciously not dealt with the emotions? Perhaps you were too busy, perhaps it simply didn't feel like the right time to deal with things that were emotional? These emotions stay within you, unprocessed emotions, maybe weighing your down, perhaps triggering anxiety, perhaps making you feel like you are not good enough or not worthy, maybe paralysing you in fear. 

We carry around a lifetime of negative energy and limiting beliefs within our chakras, we may or may not realise it, and so often these unprocessed emotions manifest in dis-ease within our body. And, believe it or not we can also be carrying around unhealed trauma from our ancestors, habits and paradigms passed down through generations. All within our chakra system!

Together, over 7 weeks we will journey through your chakras, recognising stuck emotions, acknowledging emotions and allowing them to flow. Healing the dis-ease and moving towards ease.

Chakra healing is often more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Sessions take place either virtually, or in person at my Wilmslow clinic. 

7 Session Package includes:

  • 7 x weekly one hour 1:1 chakra coaching/healing sessions
  • Weekly support via messenger (Voxer, Telegram or WhatsApp)

Investment - £1777 (Payment plan £888.50 a month over two months, or four payments of £444.25 a month)

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Energy & Crystal Healing

Working with energy is my superpower! I am a transformational energy healer, alchemist and  change maker when it comes to emotional and physical wellness. Working with energy as a powerful healing tool I help you to move away from dis-ease, shifting energetic blocks allowing your mind, body and soul to move towards energetic alignment, balance and flow.

Energy healing is incorporated within all my coaching packages. If you would like to experience a single energy session then click on the button below to book. These sessions take place virtually via a video call.

Investment - £145 (60 minute session)

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Numerology Reading

Numerology is very often the first place I start reconnecting to your version of soul aligned wellness. Most people are aware of the energy of crystals, the frequency, the power, the magic and vibrations they hold. You may be surprised to learn that numbers hold specific energies and frequencies too.

In fact your personal numerology chart holds so much magic including:

  • Your purpose in life
  • The key to peace and inner connection
  • The key to unlocking and creating your desires
  • Creating a successful life strategy
  • Identifying your natural strengths, which you may or may not know you possess. These are your super powers when it comes to dealing with challenging situations.

Your personal NUMEROLOGY READING takes place online via a video call. We will spend up to 60 minutes together talking about the numbers in your chart. By the end of the session you will be aware of how to work with your unique chart, how to strengthen the energy of each number, how to move from your challenge aspects to strength aspects and how to recognise when you slip into your challenge areas.

Understanding the numbers in your chart can be life changing!

Investment - £222 (60 minute session)

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Soul Aligned Wellness Package

Imagine feeling aligned, I mean truly aligned with your soul purpose and soul wellness.

Focussing on the connection of your mind, body and SOUL, this is a journey that is absolutely unique to you. Soul aligned wellness is about change and transformation. A journey deep within, a remembering at soul level.

If you sense there is more to life than what you can see, and if you are ready to deep dive into the seen and the unseen, then this programme is for YOU!

Trust your intuitions

I know and trust that you will know if this programme is calling you

Soul Aligned Wellness is my signature 1:1 bespoke soul coaching programme and includes:

  • 24 bespoke 1:1 sessions 
  • Sessions may include intuitive coaching, neuro-linguistic programming techniques, hypnosis, numerology, energy healing, chakra balancing, crystal healing, breathwork, nervous system regulation, astrology and human design.
  • The sessions are virtual and delivered over 12 months
  • Unlimited support via messenger (Voxer, Telegram or WhatsApp)

Investment - £6222.00 (Monthly payment plan £1111.00 over 6 months or £555.50 over 12 months)

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