I have spent my entire career watching with wonder as patients, who in the medical opinion shouldn't be doing well, have literally thrived in front of my eyes. Meet my gorgeous sister Debbie, one of these people! Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 at the age of 28, shortly after her son was born. Like many other stories I so often hear, Debbie noticed her lump towards the end of her pregnancy, yet it wasn't until she stopped breast feeding that her doctor felt it was anything other than hormonal changes.

I had the knowledge right from the start. Honestly, I never thought she would still have been here 3 years later, let alone the amazing 13 years that she lived alongside her cancer. And Debbie lived well. I know that living with cancer and researching options is a full time job. I know because I witnessed it with my own eyes. Debbie was on a mission to find any way in her power to live and be here to watch her son grow up. 

She was determined, she CHOSE to LIVE WELL. She spent hours researching about literally everything! She continued to live with on/off chemotherapy, several surgeries, AND she chose to look outside the box too. Debbie made a choice to reclaim her personal power very early on. She chose to live as well as she could, for as long as she could. She focused on the magical energy that we all hold within, she focused on exercise, nutrition, juices and supplements. She connected within and focused on her intuition, AND so much more.

Sadly Debbie passed away in April 2020, yet her legacy lives on. We have always been deeply connected, very aware of our psychic and intuitive magic held within. Both of us incredibly passionate about the power of our own energy, the mind-body connection and holistic health. We are still connected now, and Debbie continues to inspire me and guide me to help YOU to make an energetic shift from survive to thrive.