The Cancer Wellness Path Membership

Taking you from the fear, anxiety and overwhelm of a cancer diagnosis and beyond, to calm, centred and in control of YOUR cancer WELLNESS

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I see you! Muddling through the chaos of life feeling out of control! Feeling stuck, stopped in your tracks since you heard the word cancer.

Navigating your way through feelings of fear, anxiety, overwhelm, panic, confusion, shock, frustration, anger or guilt. Your emotions up and down and your thoughts in a never ending loop of cancer, illness or the words "why me"? 

Or finding it difficult to move forwards after cancer, feeling fearful of every  lump or bump, secretly missing the "safety" of hospital appointments, nervous to be away from the medical support and equally not wanting to be in the system either.

Wondering HOW to help YOURSELF and yet not helping yourself because focusing all of your energy on the cancer and its symptoms is not helpful, is it? You see cancer is the symptom and your energy would be much better focused on treating the root cause of this symptom wouldn't it? I know this isn't the 'norm' in the UK and I also know that the words root cause and integrative oncology will change your life!

Your body hears everything your mind says

NOW Imagine feeling calm, centred and aligned to cancer wellness

Imagine how you feel when you focus your energy and attention on the wellness you do desire rather than constantly affirming the opposite in your mind.

REMEMBER Your body hears everything your mind says! 

Imagine feeling well from the inside out, happy and confident, making choices and decisions that truly align with the root of your health and wellness 

Imagine feeling in control, understanding the power of your mind-body connection and integrative healthcare options and the difference these make alongside traditional medicine.

Imagine that feeling of positivity in your mind, having a healthy body to nourish and nurture, and above all feeling well! 

Imagine every cell in your body healing or healed right now. 

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Your body hears everything your mind says

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You may or may not have considered an integrative approach, cancer mindset, energy, root cause or the mind-body connection before. I know it's likely to be the last thing on your mind, isn't it, because one tends to focus their attention on surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the beginning, don't they?

But what if there is more that you can do to help yourself alongside traditional medicine?

What if I told you that your mindset is the first step to your cancer wellness from an integrative perspective. You see:

  • The thoughts you think are important!
  • The words you speak are important! 
  • The way you process your emotions is important!
  • AND your beliefs are a game-changer!

Whether you consciously believe or unconsciously not believe, the choices YOU make can change your life. The Cancer Wellness Path Membership is here to teach you how.

Your body hears everything your mind says

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The Details - The Monthly Membership includes:

  • A Monthly Masterclass (Audio or video teaching sessions)
  • A Monthly live Q&A session
  • Monthly Journal Prompts
  • A Monthly Book Club - related to cancer wellness
  • Expert Guest Speaker Sessions covering a variety of integrative oncology topics
  • A library of guided visualisations, meditations and hypnosis tracks to support your wellness
  • Cancer Mindset Mastery & Manifestation Modules
  • Access to all the content to watch or listen to anytime for the duration of your membership

The Cancer Wellness Path is a safe supported space for you to reconnect to wellness in a way that you may or may not have thought possible before, through an understanding of your mind-body connection, root cause medicine and an integrative oncology approach.

Why listen to me?

If you are new to my world then allow me to introduce myself. I am Simone, owner of PhysioCare Holistics and Soul Aligned Wellness where you will find a fusion of clinical care, holistic care and mind-body medicine. All with one purpose, empowering YOU to embrace wellness rather than illness.

As a physiotherapist with almost 30 years experience, and over 20 years working as a specialist in oncology and palliative care there was a time when I believed the clinical way was the only way. It took me a lot longer that I would like to admit to realise the true potential of an integrative approach, blending clinical and holistic care, especially when integrating the power of our mind-body connection and the energetic link between the two.

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There was no resource like this to guide the way and this is why I have created The Cancer Wellness Path.

Personal experience of life alongside cancer combined with my specialist clinical and holistic expertise has inspired me to share my knowledge and create a ripple of change. It's time to change the narrative around cancer.

Clinical knowledge is important, and the the truly life changing transformation I know you experience when you enter my world goes beyond traditional medicine. "How do I know?" I hear you ask........Because I have witnessed this time and time again with my own eyes.

And you can open your eyes too to all the possibilities, seeing cancer from a different perspective, feeling wellness in a way you may never have believed to be possible.

Not everything always makes sense from a clinical or traditional medicine perspective. Not making sense may appear illogical, and it is not a reason to not look outside the box.

My soul purpose is to empower YOU and everyone living alongside cancer to embrace wellness over illness. The blending of clinical and holistic makes a difference, its neither one or the other, it is both, an integrated approach. Wellness starts from within yet so often we have never been taught about our mind-body connection or where to start.

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The Cancer Wellness Path is for YOU if:

  • You are living alongside a diagnosis of cancer
  • You are starting or in the middle treatment of cancer treatment
  • You are navigating the path back to your "new normal" following cancer treatment
  • You have completed cancer treatment and continue to worry about cancer coming back
  • You have a family history of cancer and you worry about your risk of developing cancer
  • You have made a committed decision to choose wellness over illness
  • You are ready to master your cancer mindset
  • You are curious about the mind-body connection, root cause medicine and an integrative approach
  • Or you simply have an inner knowing this is for you
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Pricing Options

Access the membership for as long or little as you desire, the minimum membership is one month

Pay Monthly

£44 a month

per month

Pay Annually (Saving £88)


per month


The Cancer Wellness Path Membership is an online portal including 

Cancer Mindset Mastery

A library of teaching modules where you will learn how to master your cancer mindset, the power of your thoughts and your unconscious mind for health and wellness

Manifestation Modules

A library of teaching modules where you will learn how to master the art of manifestation when it comes to health and wellness. YES it is possible to manifest your health!

Live Teaching Sessions

Live monthly masterclasses based on a monthly theme. Empowering you with "up to date" knowledge, information and support as you walk along your cancer wellness path

Live Q&A Sessions

Live online Q&A sessions. These are an opportunity for you to ask any questions and access my 1:1 guidance and support enabling you to  embody all that you are learning

Expert Guest Speakers

Live guest speaker sessions with other experts in the world of clinical and integrative oncology. These sessions will cover a wide range of different topics on all aspects of cancer wellness

Meditation Library

A growing library of guided visualisations, meditations and guided hypnosis tracks. These are designed to support you holistically as you walk your cancer wellness path  

Monthly Journal Prompts

Monthly journal prompts for you to explore as part of your daily or weekly wellness  practice

Monthly Book Club 

Access to a monthly bookclub relating to a cancer wellness theme, and a space where you can connect with other like minded souls (optional)

Exclusive Member Discounts

Exclusive member only discounts on any of my existing or future online programmes and/or 1:1 coaching packages

Pricing Options

Access the membership for as long or little as you desire, the minimum membership is one month

Pay Monthly

£44 a month

per month

Pay Annually (Save £88)


per month
  • PhysioCare Holistics

    If you are going through a cancer journey, I can’t recommend Simone enough. By providing me with strategies & guidance she helped me turn my breast cancer journey from one of fear & anxiety to one of positivity & calmness. We focused on wellness instead of illness & that is incredibly empowering when dealing with cancer. Also, Simone offers the most incredible holistic therapies which was invaluable for me during this difficult time. Thank you so much Simone, you’re amazing 💕

    Kate ,

  • PhysioCare Holistics

    Who do you call to support you through cancer treatment? Simone's knowledge, different treatments and advice is amazing and invaluable. It's reassuring having the right support of an amazing, caring and knowledgable person to help me through each phase.

    Caroline ,

  • PhysioCare Holistics

    Thank you for the gift of hope. Just completed the first module this morning. The bit "our words don't describe our world, they create it" really hit home 💜

    Lauren ,

  • PhysioCare Holistics

    I'm feeling so much better already following your advice. Thank you xx

    Kate ,

  • PhysioCare Holistics

    I think you would like to know that I am feeling so much better after my chemo treatment this time than I did before.

    Julia ,

  • PhysioCare Holistics

    My scan is clear! I can't believe it, thank you for all your positive thoughts.

    Kay ,

  • PhysioCare Holistics

    I had the wonderful pleasure of being one of your clients and I have to tell everyone how absolutely amazing your are. From a complete and utterly deep relaxation and feelings of pure peace and contentment, to a wonderful energetic boost that makes me feel like I can conquer the world. Many thanks to a beautiful soul.

    Lee ,

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Disclaimer: This immersive experience is not intended for use as a substitute for any medical advice or treatment. It is not an alternative to medical treatment, it is intended to be used alongside any medical treatment recommended by your physician or oncologist. If you are acutely unwell you must seek medical advice. If you are in the UK and think you are having a medical or health emergency call your health professional, 111 or 999 immediately. You should understand and agree that you are following the advice in this experience at your own risk. You may want to seek advice from your physician or other health professional before starting to do any more physical activity than usual with regards to any discussion regarding exercise and physical activity.